Restoration and celebration in the Basque Country

Something that we are experiencing in Kale Argia, our Basque-speaking community of faith, is seeing the grace and restoration of Jesus in people’s lives. And for that we give glory to God!

About a year ago, a young woman from the town of Hernani received Christ in her heart, and soon after she decided to be baptised. After being absent from the community for a while, she returned to the meetings, but this time accompanied by her boyfriend who soon also received Christ.


Sprachspielen: 6fis – verbal witness

For this instalment of Sprachspielen, we have come to the sixth and final component of our Six-Fold Incarnational Strategy (6fis). Once again, if you are new to this six-part series of Sprachspielen, which focuses on this important and practical aspect of our day-to-day ministry, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of the series to the February instalment and work your way forward. Having looked at (1) Prayer, (2) the Open Home, (3) the “Ministry of Hanging Out,” (4) Interests, and (5) Needs, we come this month to the topic of (6) the Verbal Witness. 


News from the Scott Family in the Basque Country

By God’s mercy, two and a half years ago we began with a team of Basque believers to plant a community of Christian faith in Euskara, the Basque language, here in the Basque Country. In 2019 the group was very small and we had meetings twice a month, but in 2020 the group grew and we began to meet every week as we continue to do today. As time went by we saw the conversion of Euskaldunes (Basque speakers) to Christ and the baptism of some of them. Without a doubt we saw the hand of God at work in the community! We can say that today the church in Basque, Kale Argia, is a reality and that there is a team of local Basque leaders. By the Lord’s grace and love, he allowed us to serve in this whole process, and we give all the glory to Him.