Exploration projects are designed (1) to chronicle and research, (2) to document (through video/still media), (3) to engage personally through spiritual conversation and witness, (4) to make connections and initial networking opportunities with local believers, who are part of the target minority language group and/or have an interest in missions efforts to their own people and in their heart language, and (5) to saturate through prayerwalking/narrative mapping regarding specific, indigenous, minority language people groups in areas, where Linguæ Christi does not currently have ministry but desires to explore for future engagement. Accordingly, these teams cross streams with several areas of ministry focus, particularly: RESEARCH, MEDIA, MISSIONAL, PARTNERSHIP, and PRAYER.


This exploration team will research and collect data both academically and anecdotally regarding (1) the language, (2) the people, who speak the language, (3) the area of the language group, (4) religious expression available in the language, and (5) narrative mapping of the area for the purposes of mission strategy development.


This team will document everything they experience through audio-visual media (video, photo and audio recordings). The focus of the media documentation would be (1) the area of focus, (2) any opportunity to display the presence and use of the language, and (3) the people who speak the target minority language.


This team will regularly engage in prayerwalking in the areas of exploration, specially praying for persons of peace, contact areas, and opportunities for ministry among the language group in question.


As the team learns, documents and prays for the minority people group in question, they will use these opportunities and new friendships with speakers for the sake of spiritual conversations and missional engagement.