God is at work in singing

Christmastime in Wales brings many traditions that we enjoy and music tops our list, as it does throughout the year. Two musical traditions that we dip in and out of each Christmas include the Welsh hymn tradition and plygain, traditionally a service where songs in three-part harmony are sung in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Here’s a good example of plygain below:


How an old Welsh lady became three Galilean women

This post comes from Amelia and Trey, who live in northwest Wales.

Say “Wales” to an outsider and some of the images conjured will include music, and perhaps even the tired if accurate account of hearing hymns sung at a rugby match. Hymns are important to both those who express faith in God and those who don’t. We’ve joined in the tradition ourselves, in both singing hymns as originally composed and arranging some to play with a guitar. We enjoy these songs and the deep truths expressed through soaring melodies and heart-wrenching harmonies.