Sprachspielen: 6fis – prayer

With this month’s instalment of Sprachspielen, I would like to introduce a “mini-series” of sorts, where I deal with six different concepts over the coming months, which have a clear connection to each other and are seen by us as all being parts of a whole. I am referring to what we call our “Six-Fold Incarnational Strategy,” (hereafter, “6fis”). I realise that this title is a mouthful and sounds quite lofty and cerebral at first hearing, but I can assure you that there is no “rocket science” here, but a simple guide that we use in our personal and local ministries here in our various areas. You will have undoubtedly heard us speak about the 6fis on numerous occasions, and you can find it mentioned on our website in various places. Because the 6fis is so foundational to our work, I will be dealing with these six elements of the 6fis over the next few instalments of Sprachspielen.


Our mission in the middle of the pandemic

Once again, as long as COVID-19 continues to affect us, I will continue to update you all as to how our ministry is affected by the virus. This current lockdown is as serious and restrictive as the national lockdown last Spring. Something that is sometimes hard to understand and can be confusing is the fact that each of the nations of the UK (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England) has their own rules and timelines regarding restrictions in their areas.


Pray for healing for our director

I have shared a bit of this information on my social media, but I have been reluctant to share a personal, medical issue here, especially as so many people are suffering much worse things these days. However, it is something that has been affecting my ability to do my work. So, for the purposes of prayer, I’ll share a bit of the history.


An appeal for missions in the Basque Country

(See English below)

En este video, John habla de nuestro equipo en el País Vasco y como puede ser parte del trabajo allí. Si le gustaría dar a Linguæ Christi para apoyar este ministerio, puede hacer un donativo en nuestra página web.

In this video John talks about our team in the Basque Country and how you can be a part of the work there. If you would like to give to Linguæ Christi to support this ministry, you can make a donation on our website.


Pray for our personnel

This month we’d like to ask you to pray for Linguæ Christi’s personnel who are scattered across the world at the moment. Please listen as John shares how you can pray for each of us: for our team in the Basque Country and for those of us waiting to travel to Wales to join our team there.